Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible investing

ESG Investing

Our balanced approach

Investing starts with the assertion that we take risk and buy financial assets to make money and to make progress towards our financial goals. As we look at the universe of potential opportunities, we generally look for companies that have a strong value proposition, a strong management team and strong prospects for growth.

We generally believe that companies that by their nature look for ways to reuse, recycle and drive efficiency in their operations will do better than those that have a short term, wasteful mentality.  We also generally believe, and some research supports, that companies who pursue profit and investment opportunities in partnership with their employees, their customers and their suppliers generally have greater long term prospects. This is sometimes referred to as Conscious Capitalism

We'd love to work with you and understand your values to build a portfolio of companies that you are excited to own and that deliver long term capital appreciation and financial security.

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